The project team 89venom.

Main members : pramky(Rapper), 이순철(Photographer), Denzel O`Beat(Producer)

Guest members : ex8er(89VMV1), hookid(89VMV2), C.why(Singles)
                            oddity(89VMV1.5), GIGANTiC(89VMV1.5), Remick(Singles)

거울(Mirror) (Single) (2017)
by pramky, Remick (NOW ON SALE)

89venom Mixtape Vol.1.5 (2015)
by pramky, oddity & GIGANTiC (FREE)

Cry One`s Heart Out (Single) (2014)
by pramky, 이순철, C.why & 정기환 (NOW ON SALE)

돈 갚아라 (feat. 이승준 of HAZE) (Single) (2014)
by pramky & C.why (NOW ON SALE)

Unacceptable (Single) (2013)
by pramky & C.why (NOW ON SALE)

89venom Mixtape Vol.2 (2012)
by pramky & hookid (SOLD OUT)

89venom Mixtape Vol.1 (2009)
by pramky & ex8er (SOLD OUT)